Why You Never See PUBG UPDATE NOTES That Actually Works

Late last year, PUBG Corporation fashioned a new Mastery initiative committed to enhancing and evolving how progression works at the Battlegrounds. Since then, we’ve been heads down running to establish a cohesive progression device that feels authentic to the Pubg update notes enjoy and worthwhile to you, the players. After months of making plans and development, we’re stoked to subsequently reveal our first class of development: Weapon Mastery.

What is Weapon Mastery?

Weapon Mastery is a modern development characteristic in PUBG with precise, unfastened rewards. Our desires for Weapon Mastery are easy, provide players a street for improving their weapon capabilities and rejoice the adventure alongside the manner.

After Weapon Mastery goes live, you’ll notice every weapon now has a chain of levels that players can progress through with the aid of dealing damage and defeating fighters. It’s important to observe but that each strategy and precision also have a power on how quickly you level up your guns. Weapon Mastery goals to inspire healthy play in PUBG in which both weapon abilities and the effort to be the closing guy status are rewarded in tandem.

Why You Never See PUBG UPDATE NOTES That Actually Works

TL;DR: Shoot enemies, live alive, get cool stuff.

You can development thru Weapon Mastery ranges by means of income Weapon XP in suits. Hitting tough photographs, surviving longer and defeating extra enemies will all earn you Weapon XP at a faster charge. After every ten stages on a weapon, you’ll be promoted to the subsequent Mastery Tier (there are 10 tiers total). Gaining levels and levels in Weapon Mastery will result in unlocking the content of the praise the device has to provide. The farther you development, the greater there is to free up. In order that will help you track your progression, we’ve included a brand new Last Match display where you may see your earned Weapon XP, weapon stats, and earned rewards from the previous sport you’ve performed.

We’ve bundled the Last Match display and everything else related to weapon progression under this new menu. The Mastery Menu will serve as the brand new domestic for all progression content material from the Mastery team. In this version, you’ll be able to view weapon stats, see your earned medals and song your rewards development on each weapon.

Earning Rewards

Speaking of rewards, Weapon Mastery functions a number of latest matters to liberate and collect, all of which are unfastened to folks who earn them. No Weapon Mastery content material will ever be accessible, so be prepared to paintings for this specialized loot. Giving players the opportunity to show off their accomplishments and customize their looks are very high on our precedence list. We’ve explained the way you earn rewards, but here is a taste of the perks and stages coming to Weapon Mastery.


Charms are today’s aesthetic reward to PUBG. Charms are keychain-like trinkets that attach to the left side on the barrel of every weapon. You can equip and notice which charms you have got unlocked from within the Mastery tab. We’re launching with 20 precise charms that need to be earned on an in keeping with a weapon basis and it’s a safe wager that there are extra on the manner.

Mastery Emblems

Each tier has its own corresponding logo and those trademarks get extra prestigious through the years. Over the next few months, our team could be exploring approaches for you to show off your emblems to other players.

Why You Never See PUBG UPDATE NOTES That Actually Works


The launch of Weapon Mastery additionally capabilities the maiden voyage of our new medals machine. Medals are our manner of highlighting the superb accomplishments you perform. Our launch medals all revolve round uncommon gun feats. We’ll be sharing more on how medals healthy into our large plans inside the destiny, but in the intervening time, revel in stacking the ones Quadras.

Some of the Weapon Mastery crew will be doing an AMA on Reddit on 04/22/2019 from 10 am to 1 pm ET, which we’ll hyperlink via our social channels. This can be a splendid time to invite the developers and designers any questions associated with this upcoming feature! We’ll also be collecting questions one after the other from individuals who are not capable to take part in the AMA due to the time difference, so please leave your questions right here as comments! We are going to collect and send them to AMA so that developers can solution. These solutions could be published at the Q&A statement after the event, so look ahead to upcoming bulletins for your threat to get answers!